Cedric Goldwyn
Cedric Goldwyn
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Cedric Goldwyn


Cedric Goldwyn was born in the early 1200s as a Florentine merchant….

Cedric Goldwyn was born in the early 1200s as a Florentine merchant. Leading an ordinary life until maturity, his adept business acumen and passion for commerce elevated him to become one of Italy’s wealthiest and most influential traders.

Venturing into the realm of slave trade, Cedric’s success in the field amassed him great fortune and power. His corpulent and self-assured appearance mirrored his accomplishments. Cedric’s wealth encompassed vast collections, including priceless artworks and luxurious items.

After establishing a trading empire, Cedric relocated to Venice, where he continued his merchant pursuits until the end of his days. His passing saw his legacy endure through various foundations and charitable organizations established to pass on his wealth and heritage to future generations. Cedric Goldwyn was remembered as a significant figure in Italy’s trading history, celebrated for his success in slave trade and affluence.


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